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Paul Micallef

Director of Safety and Compliance

Paul has a lengthy history in the construction industry, with an extensive emphasis on safety. In 2021, with the growth of AIMS into three markets and a need to step up compliance due to a national pandemic, the Director of Safety and Compliance role was created. Paul leads the training of all field staff. He believes in building leaders, so he created an overall leadership training program that includes weekly safety meetings as well as on-site training. Due to AIMS focus on health care construction, Paul has mastered the Infection Control Risk Assessment process that is required on every AIMS health care project. Paul has leads managing the hospital’s needs to comply with CMS and OSHA as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic and follow up.

Paul and his wife, Kim live in Milford. Their two daughters, both work in the construction industry. His daughter Theresa is also part of the AIMS team as a project engineer.

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