At AIMS, our specialty is highly complex, phased interior renovation projects for healthcare and institutional clients. Our years of experience have allowed us to craft procedures for collaboration and execution.

Initially, the AIMS team meets with all parties involved in the project. These include all user groups from the nursing staff to security, to facilities staff and administration. Once we understand the scope of work we then delve into understanding the restrictions and schedule. These could include work hours, time for staff and patient relocations, planned public events, and scheduled procedures.                                                                        

Once we receive the user input and work restrictions we then meet with all stakeholders. These could include the utility providers, fire marshal, building inspector or others. And finally, after this we meet with all of our subcontractors for their input.

At the completion of the phase planning, a detailed phasing plan and schedule is presented to the Owner with the sole focus of – your business operations come first!


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