An outgrowth of our leadership in healthcare construction, laboratory facilities have become another core market for AIMS. Our healthcare experience gave us a unique advantage in understanding the complexities of laboratory spaces. This extends to hospital pharmacies, where USP 800 is forcing hospitals to undergo facility modifications for a compliant sterile compounding pharmacy. 


AIMS understands the exacting performance requirements, sophisticated technology and specialized systems that make laboratories among the most demanding construction projects. We know how to work with industry partners to solve the dynamic and evolving challenges in laboratory design to bring cost-effective best-in-class solutions to your facility.

LaRoche University
Science Center Renovations
13,000 SF - PWWG
University of Pittsburgh
Scaife Hall
7SE and 7SW Lab Renovations
16,900 SF - LSY Architects
Duquesne University
Mellon Hall
Chem Lab Renovation
4,000 SF - Renaissance 3 Architects
University of Michigan
Pathology Lab
U of M In-House Design
University of Pittsburgh
Biological Science Tower
10th Floor West Labs Renovation
18,000 SF - LSY Architects
Beaumont Royal Oak
Surgical Skills Lab
5,500 SF - Harley Ellis Devereaux
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"Thank you Pam for this recognition for AIMS Construction. This project had a level of complexity which increased the risk of potential problems. Careful oversight from the AIMS team led to a successful outcome for all."



Trinity Health

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LaRoche University

Science Center Renovations 13,000 SF - PWWG CM-R