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At AIMS, our safety record speaks volumes about our commitment to safe, injury-free environments. This commitment is to protect everyone on our sites – from employees and subcontractors to students on campus and the patient in the OR across the hall. And nothing emphasizes the importance of safety more than a late-night visit to one of our job sites, when across the hall surgery was still in progress. We understand lives are at stake, and our focus on safety has been heralded by ICRA Managers.


Our comprehensive safety program includes:

  • Extensive training in jobsite safety behaviors and employee practices

  • 8- and 24-hour ICRA Certification training

  • OSHA 10 and 30 Certification training

  • Subcontractor safety evaluation, prequalification and training

  • Jobsite visitor protection, including barriers and on-site personal protection equipment

  • Safety audits

Patients, parents, children and businesses rely on AIMS for safety. And our EMR proves that our proactive approach to safety is a way of life at AIMS.


Their professionalism and attention to detail go unmatched. I recently went through a 5-day accreditation survey with the Joint Commission and the projects they are currently running went without a hitch.


     Life Safety Manager

Beaumont Health

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